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About Our Project

This project is built upon EduHK’s longstanding conviction and ethos on the growing importance of care and caring. Locally, it aims to mainly target EduHK students and in-service teachers. Internationally, it endeavours to build a consortium of researchers for high-level exchange and collaboration, establishing the basis and track record for the pursuit of advanced UGC grant-seeking. 


     Our project is an initiative aimed at developing “comparative cultures of care” as a strategic flagship area encompassing research, pedagogy, youth leadership development, and community projects.


    We aim at promoting care cultural and professional competency among our graduates and young professionals, which is aligned with the framework of the graduate attributes (“PEER & I”) and in support of the University’s strategic plan. Multidisciplinary and cross-cultural in scope, this project carries an ultimate goal that can be achieved by capturing and extending the organic strength, and strategic position, of EduHK as a higher education institution devoted not only to the transmission of knowledge but also cultivation of positive and ethical citizens.


  • To foster a broad alliance among academics, artists, advocates, and practitioners to explore the unique theoretical and social challenges of care work in comparative cultural contexts;

  • To develop the comparative knowledge of, and sensitivity to, care and caring from a humanities-centered perspective, for pre-service and in-service teachers through injecting new courses into select programmes, general education, and professional development courses;

  • To develop and analyze youth caring leadership through a cultural start-up competition scheme via training workshops, innovative international team tasks, caring salons, and project bidding;

  • To provide and analyze immersive community care practices in partnership with a renowned NGO for personal experiential transformation in combination with humanities participatory research;

  • To compile and analyze a rich set of student/youth learning data for important insights about care motivations, character-building, identity-formation, and challenges;

  • To form an intellectual community for sustained discussion and international consortium building for high-level research output and grant-seeking.

  • To share our experiences and practices through building a public cultural archive.

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