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Work Package 4:
Immersive Experiential Probes on Caregiving


    Taking care seriously invites us to rethink the meaning of work, time, progress, virtue, and selfhood. Care turns our view to the voiceless and overlooked communities and population, such as the aged, sick, and disabled, as well as the underpaid and undervalued caregivers. But when care is clearly a finite resource (that is unfairly taken from women and people of color), volunteer work has come to play an important role in spreading care responsibility and empowering the volunteers.

This sub-project consists of coordinating students for volunteer work while asking them to engage in a digital diary study to probe the deeper, sometimes conflicting, meanings of social care. The diary study will be used as a tool for tracking and analyzing care motivations, desires, individual versus collective satisfaction, cultural ideology of giving, questions of interdependency, and so on.


Food Donation_edited_edited.jpg

Volunteer Caregiving among Youth in Precarious Times

This sub-project will liase with a registered HK-based “food rescue” NGO dedicated to use mobile web technology that connects volunteers to bakeries to rescue surpluses just-in-time for those who need it.







Breadline is a web application that connects volunteers to bakeries to collect surpluses just-in-time for those who need it. It is Hong Kong’s first public digital platform for food rescue.

Volunteers choose their own runs. Check-in for real time-updates. Rescue bread and enter final count!
Run based on your schedule or go where you are most needed!

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