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Faculty of Humanities

The Education University of Hong Kong

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    The Faculty of Humanities aspires to be a leading faculty in humanities education by contributing to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. FHM promotes the pursuit of academic knowledge, cross-cultural awareness and intercultural competencies, with a view to nurturing our graduates in a wide spectrum of the humanities. FHM strives for excellence in research and academic development in order to address issues from a global perspective, to advocate the understanding of human nature, and to impact positively on the well-being of Hong Kong society and beyond.

    Centering on the framework of “care humanities,” our project ‘Comparative Cultures of Care’ will seek synergy with those initiatives and projects that will substantially extend the strengths of the Faculty of Humanities (in language education, linguistics, history, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies) to initiate a program of research and intellectual innovation, training workshops, youth leadership, new academic courses and programmes, knowledge transfer engagements, international networking, and conferences.

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