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Work Package 2:
Youth Caring Leadership Training and Action Program 

Our world is facing various critical issues of care (and carelessness) that transcend borders. These issues influence everyone on the planet, but unfortunately none of us can resolve them on our own. In this way, the world needs a critical mass of “care agents” for social good, who could instigate small actions that can persistently mirrored, adapted, and altered by other individuals in the same or different national and cultural context.

Of late, youth has become the center of a kind of “culture war,” leading to polarized opinions about their lifeworlds and capacities. Terms like “radical youth” and “lying flat youth” have caricatured and labelled them, often missing many who want to care and take constructive and proportionate actions to transform their communities.


Research shows that an individual with curiosity, empathy, and conscientiousness is more willing to contribute to society persistently, even through small actions. By creating social capital for different individuals to analyze and solve their problems, a bottom-up experiential approach is one of the most important steps. In this way, a program to develop a change-maker community is needed, by engaging participants from various backgrounds, including those less-engaged or so-called “moderate” youth.



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    Founded in 2009, VolTra is a non-governmental organization that aims to encourage everyone to take part in global and local action. We curate journeys that enrich glocal vision and cultivate impactful actions. VolTra believes that our perspectives continuously shape our worldview, which in turn directs our actions. Voltra is dedicated to cultivating a voluntary culture fuelled with passion. Wr encourage participants to build friendship, diversified teams and communities through our programmes. We wish to promote co-creating and co-owning in a fun way.

Program Highlights

Outstanding students in the program would gain a FREE  OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER TRIP (VALUED HKD 7,500)  to continue their caring journey!

Past Events

Co-create a better world


Leadership Preparation Workshop

10.02.2023 | 7-9pm (HKT) | EdUHK Campus

Online Training Session

13.02.2023 | 7-9pm (HKT) | ZOOM

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