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Work Package 5:
Building an Open-access “EduCare Portal”

    This CRAC project is a collaborative endeavour involving various “care agents”, including teachers, workshop planners, volunteers, young cultural entrepreneurs, and scholars. By analyzing the challenges as well as opportunities emerging from a serious and critical engagement with the concept of care, the project should present a summative view and share it with the public, so as to encourage more deliberations on why care and caring matter especially in these times.


    It consists of development of an interface for the viewers to navigate through charts, data visualization, case study, and narratives of care. It is envisioned as both a communicative component of this project and a research instrument for teachers, students, and researchers.


Digital Humanities - Developing 'EduCare Portal'

Tentative: Jul 2024 – Mar 2025

“EduCare Portal” is conceptualized as a public, open-access, digital interface with “virtual museum thinking”.

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