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Past Event

Youth Caring Leadership Training and Action Program

Leadership Preparation Workshop
10.02.2023|7-9pm (HKT)|EdUHK Campus

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“We believe that care and caring must be the DNA of EDUHK students.”

Opening Remark


“Many of you joined us at this university which emphasizes the role of education and making differences in the world, to co-create a better world. Education is very important, and for anyone who wants to be in this industry, or the sector of education, having a mind of caring, attitude, and vision of caring for the world must be central. Everyone can be caring for other people.”

Professor John Erni

Dean, Faculty of Humanities


“Education is not just happening within a classroom and it’s not something that is taught. What really changes you is the experience that you experienced. When you care, you will learn. When you say ‘who cares’, nothing happens. Don't think that you are a student or a future teacher. No. Remember you are a traveler. Also you are a kid. Keep your curiosity. Keep asking questions, and keep caring for the things around you that make you interested and make you passionate. Changes happened inside your heart.”

Mr. Bird TANG
Executive Director & Co-founder of VolTra

           Introduction & Briefing


“Giving back to society as one takes from society.”

Mr. David AU
Project Manager of VolTra


           From Students


Rannie: I like the part when Prof. John Erni ask where are we from and lots of people say that they're from different places. I really enjoy this multicultural atmosphere.

Daniel: SDGs could be implemented easily in daily life such as in universities.

Tracy: I am impressed when the Professor said "We can not be a leader all the time but we can develop leadership".


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